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My Personal Reviews of Just Fabulous | JustFab.com

Have you heard of JustFab.com? If you’re a shoeholic like me, and Jimmy Choo, Steve Madden, Valentino, and Kate Spade make you drool, you need to know them. I saw their T.V. commercial and the shoes looked hot. Then when they advertised the price, I thought hmmm – I’m a born skeptic. When I see something that seems to good to be true, I investigate. Continue reading

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Unboxing Just Fab’s Adelia


Fresh out of the box

I love coming home to find a new shoe box waiting for me!

My newest pair of Just Fabs, Adelia are a brilliant burgundy 3 inch heel.


Just Fab does a good job of packaging the shoes so they show up looking like they do on the website:


Just right packaging


Completely unpacked






My photos weren’t coming out with the proper colors. I took lots of pictures using different light bulbs and a couple different cameras. These are the best pics that matched what I see in real life.


I found it hard not to touch the velvety smooth synthetic suede. It’s luxurious. My only complaint would be the material is a magnet for dust and pet hair. I have a Jack Russel and two cats, so it can be difficult keeping stuff hair free. If you have pets, these shoes will require a lint brush.

These shoes are comfortable for heels, no pinching.

I buy from other clubs and local shoe stores. These shoes compete with shoes at double the price. Just Fab is doing it right. I can’t find any downside besides the dust / dog hair magnet.



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Just Fab Reviews | Carlin Booties

They arrived in two days! (yes it’s taken me a while to post this) That’s pretty amazing for free shipping. I’m pretty sure that’s the fastest I’ve gotten Just Fab shoes ( average is 4 ). Here are some pictures fresh out of the box. My first impression: “These aren’t real leather?” Just-Fab-Reviews-2

Synthetics are getting so good now, it’s hard to tell the difference. All they really need is the real leather smell. I bet someone could make that too.

I gave these booties a hard core “going through”, looking for inconsistent coloring, bad stitching, poor bindings, etc.

I did find one stitch line changed its distance from the edge of the boot lip slightly. It wasn’t a big bummer, only a small flaw, but there nonetheless.

Another complaint I have is kind of a personal one. In the design of the booties. I would have liked to have seen a piece of material backing the area behind where the top lips meet (the little area just above the top most buckle. That area leaves exposed skin. I’m sure the designer would disagree with me, and it might not look as good with the extra material there. So I can live with it.


The feel of this bootie is very nice and comfortable. Nothing binds or pinches on my foot or ankle. The material is soft and supple. I can wear then all day. I would rate this purchase a 4.5 / 5

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Just Purchased Just Fab’s Carlin Bootie | Just Fab Reviews

Now that Christmas shopping is out of the way, I had some time to do some Just Fab shopping just for me. Don’t get me wrong, I did buy quite a few Just Fab items for friends and family during the holidays. In fact, I have quite a large post about it sitting in my drafts folder (it needs some finishing touches before it goes prime time).

This purchase was nice to do without the deadline of December 25. It was far more relaxed than the insanity of fighting the Christmas shopping hordes. Sitting at home in my comfy PJ’s, browsing Just Fab on my Laptop and drinking hot chocolate from the Krueg I just got was so much more pleasurable compared to the complaining, smelly, deal obsessed throngs of humanity who pack the brick and mortar stores. Not to mention the bait and switch scams that go on at places like Target, Walmart, Kohls, Best buy, Marshals, etc.

Without having to waste gas money or get dressed, I bought a beautiful pair of booties and will have them in a couple days from now. Until then, when I can tell you how much I like or dislike them, Here are some pics of them from the Just Fab website:

353425-08-1_589x860 353425-08-2_589x860 353425-08-3_589x860 353425-08-6_589x860

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I’m a gifting kind of girl!

JustFab-Reviews_AbbeyDawnPurse JustFab-Reviews_Karissa JustFab-Reviews_Tegan

I treat my Family right :)

My 13 y.o. niece LOVES Avril Lavigne and I LOVE my niece. I get a kick out of watching her freak out when she opens gifts from her favorite aunt. This purse goes with a pair of heels I also bought (see them in the header of my blog).

Abbey Dawn makes great stuff. The Abbey Dawn things I have purchased were top notch quality. They hold up nicely under long term wear and tear and look good while doing it.

I have a little cousin who has grown just enough to fit in a 5.5 so I got her some flats! These are JustFab’s Karissa and they are precious! My cousin looked so cute in them!

I have only one complaint about them. They are dust magnets! The outer material is soft and feels so good to touch, but it does build up quite a bit of static. I had to use a lint roller on them before taking their picture. Aside from that I (and my cousin) love them.

I didn’t want my aunt to feel left out so I got her some slightly elevated sandals (Tegan). She complained when I asked her to model them, but liked how she looked after seeing the picture. I told her JustFab has shoes for everyone. You don’t have to be a supermodel to look good in JustFab shoes.

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Complaints about Just Fab Durability? My Jola tests

I have heard it about all the shoe clubs, ShoeDazzle, ShoeMint, SoleSociety, and JustFab. People say the shoes are cheaply made and lack quality.
I cannot advise on the other clubs because, although I have purchased from them, I don’t purchase continually (like I do with JustFab shoes).
To me, one of the key elements of quality is durability. Things built for quality last a long time, even when used a lot. So I decided on buying a pair of JustFab shoes (actually boots) to run them through the paces. I had help, my niece wears the same size as I do and when I wasn’t wearing the boots, she, more than likely, was.

I picked Jola (bootie) as my guinea pig. High heels would take a lot longer to test as I usually only wear high heels for a span of 2-4 hours at a time and I wanted something both me and my niece could tolerate wearing all day.

We ran these booties through the ringer. I wore them at work all day. I walked several miles in them during a local wine crawl and Ice sculpture event. They never got a break (except when they were in the trunk of my car for a few days).
I gave them to my niece and she wore them to school for two weeks straight.
These boots experienced hard concrete, snow, mud, and more.

The outcome…

Jola before

Jola before

Jola after abuse

Jola after abuse

We both think the boots were comfortable and they held up like troopers. So to all the haters who scream about shoe club shoes being cheaply made and junk, explain this: This picture is of JustFab’s Jola bootie after four weeks of continuous wear and downright abuse. No TLC what so ever. We didn’t even wipe the winter salt off with a cloth.

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Help Me Choose My Next Just Fab Reviews!

As I posted previously, I am trying to rework my blog. I have learned a lot since I first started and I feel comfortable enough to change it this week.

Just Fab Reviews | Justina

Potential Review Candidate!

Before I post new shoe and bag content reviews, I want to post a few selections that I like and see if you will help me pick what to purchase.
First up is Justina:

I like the natural color and the heel height looks like it should be a good “wear this shoe all day” shoe.

Next in the lineup is Filomena:

Filomena Sandal Reviews

Shoe number two

Once again the beautiful color pulled me to this Sandal. It’s got a bigger heel that just looks right with the style of this shoe.

And finally there’s Madrid:
Just Fab Reviews | Madrid

Cool cut out!

I really like the wedge and cutout combo in this exotic shoe.
I could go into detail about which shoe out of the three I like best, but I want you to give me your insight on which shoe I should pick. Please leave me some comments to help me decide.

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JustFab.com IDA | Reviews of Just Fab

Updates, New Shoes and Complaints.

WHile I have been deciding on how best to revamp this blog, I have been buying from Just Fab. I have a purse and some shoes that I haven’t gotten around to photographing but I have worn. I will probably post a lot of the reviews for them after I redo the blog. I have a lot to change.

I need to rework the “How Just Fab works” section because they have changed they way they handle memberships. You don’t need to be a member to buy shoes now. So I have to reflect that.

A person has been commenting and sending me emails about how much JustFab sucks. I will reiterate my stance on criticisms: If you have a complaint about Just Fab and want to comment on them here, great! But DO NOT use profanity and talk in generalities. If you have a legitimate gripe then you should be able to provide details Like the name of the shoe and what specifically the problem is. Also, when you say Just Fab is a scam and they are terrible, then you start saying how another shoe club is the greatest thing on the planet, that pretty much gives you away. I will not show comments like that.

Recently my niece had a violin recital and I wanted to get her some shoes. I decided on these:

JustFab.com IDA | Reviews of Just Fab

Just Fab’s Ida

My niece and I share the same foot size so we share shoes! The only issue I had with these shoes was the opening pinched right above my big toe, but my niece didn’t have the problem. The lace pattern is pretty and these flats are comfy. They looked very nice during the recital too. Here’s a close up of the bow detail:

Justfab.com Ida Bow Detail | Just Fab Reviews

Ida’s Bow Detail

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What I’ve been up to lately

You may have noticed I haven’t posted much here. I have been moderating comments but not adding much as far as new content.
There are a few reasons.
One is personal and I may post about it but it’s a little too soon to talk about.
Just Fab is still sending me very consistently fashionable selections and I have purchased items. I am keeping them stored until I can photograph and review them.
I am also working on redesigning my site to look a little more fresh and professional (Well, as professional as I can). I am thinking about reviewing Just Fab against competitors.
We’ll see. All depends on my mood :)

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Just Fab Denim – A New Eye Popping Line

You’ve seen the great shoes from JustFab, but have you seen their denim?

I like Just Fabulous because they always work at staying fresh while keeping product JustFab Review Denimquality their top priority (The day this changes you will see it here first).

When Just Fab first started offering denim, I was still relatively new at blogging and thought I didn’t have enough reviews of their shoes yet to talk about their Denim Line, but now, with quite a few shoe reviews under my belt I think I can give their new denim line a go (give them a spin around the block and kick the tires, my brother likes to say.)

There are 5 styles to choose from:

The Cool Crop

The cool crop is probably going to be my Favorite because of the color choices. There’s a dazzling Cobalt Blue, stunning Poppy Red, crazy cool Vibrant Purple, and a dark natural denim if your color tastes are more subdued. All they are missing is Mint Green!

Here’s the specs straight from Just Fab:

  • Approx. Inseam: 25″
  • Approx. Front Rise: 8″
  • Approx. Front Back: 12 1/2″
  • Approx. Leg Opening: 11″
  • Fabric Type: 98% Cotton, 2% Spandex
  • Closer Type: Zipper/ Button
  • Fits One Size Large
  • Imported

Continue reading

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Just Fab Reviews | Abbey Dawn’s Rockstar & Just Fab’s Gia

This is a double feature review!Abbey Dawn Rockstar
I have been wearing Avril Lavigne’s Abbey Dawn collection. I really like Rockstar in white. The shoes have a grungy stars and stripes pattern that I dig, with a dramatic green interior and underside. These would go great with some black leather or a pair of Jeggings.


And for a completely opposite more formal look, I went with Just Fab’s Gia, from the Lace Collection. Just Fab Reviews | Just Fabulous GiaThe pattern is fine and dainty, a great pair of shoes for a more formal event.

Both sets of shoes are well constructed and fit well. They are comfortable for their heel size (don’t expect more than a few hours in them with out some fatigue though, these are high heels.)

One thing I really liked about the Abbey Dawn shoes was they came with a replacement pair of heel tips. I’m going to email Just Fab and let them know how nice that is. Maybe they will start doing that too!

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