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A few friends have had questions about how the JustFab membership works. So I decide to make this page and link it in my main navigation.

  1. You take the fashion survey and become a member (completely free).
  2. You will get an email showing you: shoes, bags and jewelry, picked by fashion experts, using the information gathered from the survey you took (still completely free).
  3. You can browse the selections. If you don’t see anything you like, you can ask for more selections (completely free).
  4. When you find something you like, buy it for $39.95
  5. After your first purchase, you will continue to receive emails on the 1rst day of each month, with your fashion selections.
  6. At this point, When you get your email boutique, you have option A,B, or C.
    1. Buy something from your boutique or from one of the other areas like: Haute List, Featured Styles, and Exclusive Collections.
    2. Skip the month before the 6th day of that month.
      • If you don’t skip before the 6th day, you will be charged $39.95 and given a JustFab credit to apply to future orders.
    3. Ask for second selections
      • Buy something from your boutique or from one of the other areas like: Haute List, Featured Styles, and Exclusive Collections.
      • Skip the month.  Asking for a second selection extends your time to skip by 5 days from the time you get your new selections.
        • If you don’t skip before the 5 day extension ends, you will be charged $39.95 and given a JustFab credit to apply to future orders. (From what I understand, this is to make sure you are looking at your monthly selections and their stylists are not working hard for nothing.)

Leave me a comment if you have questions about how this works.

JustFab.com – Free Membership Sign Up. Each item only $39.95 Shipped.

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8 thoughts on “JustFab – Read Before You Buy / Sign Up

  1. Audrey Mayer

    Great run down. Like I said in the marcy review, it’s too bad people don’t read. The information is staring them in the face and they complain about it later. It’s B.S.


    1. sue Post author

      I agree. I don’t know how JustFab or any of the other shoe clubs (ShoeDazzle, ShoeMint, etc) can make it more clear. People are lazy I guess. It sucks that they complain and yell SCAM! so often.
      I’m glad you liked my explination, and thanks for the other comments.


      1. Latisha

        I joined Justfab about a week ago and I love it ! Amazing shoes and purses and the price is budget friendly. I just ordered a purse and my daughter fell in love with a few items I will be buying next week for her. The membership is straight forward with the rules, I read it before I signed up.


  2. Andrea V

    I just left a website that was totally berating Just Fab. Calling it a scam, but if you read the people’s complaints, it’s always about not knowing how it works. It’s sad how many people don’t read the information right in front of them, and then tarnish a company because of it. I’ve purchased from Just Fabulous and I am a satisfied customer. The big problem is, most satisfied customers don’t bother commenting about it.


  3. lisabee

    Thx for this review, I signed up for this a few months ago but just made my first purchase this week. I think it’s a cool concept & like someone else said as long as you can read its pretty clear; I set my phone to remind me to either opt out that month or make another purchase…..thx again:)


  4. Tammy

    Thanks for clearing things up about how JustFab works. I did not see a detailed explanation on any of the other web sites I looked on.


  5. Ashley

    Are you still subscribed to justfab? If you’re not, did you just cancel your membership by clicking the cancel membership button? or did you have to call them? and also did you ever gte charged after you canceled?

    sorry for all the questions but i’ve read some scary complaints about this site and I wanted to clear some questions before i made a purchase :)


    1. sue Post author

      Yes I am still subscribed to Justfab. In my opinion they are the best club out of the ones I have tried (Shoedazzle, Shoemint, Solesociety,and Shoeprivee). They have a better selection and quality than Shoedazzle and Shoeprivee and they have better selection, comparable quality and better price than Shoemint and Solesociety.
      I have never experienced an overcharge and when returning items I haven’t had any issues that upset me. Out of all the clubs Justfab bends over backwards to keep their customers satisfied.
      If you ever have any issues with them, feel free to comment here. All I ask of you is: Read “How I Determine Reviews or Complaints hold Water” Here
      My complaints post needs to be updated as does my “how just fab works” as Justfab has changed their subscription model (You can buy shoes without joining the club now – but I suggest joining as you get lots of discounts and perks.)



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